Effective Sponsorship

See how our Effective Sponsorship Package can benefit your brand!

We are looking dynamic companies to help create the very best digital knowledge centre possible for the medical sector. Through this information sharing platform we aim to make hospital health care more efficient, pleasant and  effective for young patients.

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See how our effective sponsorship package can benefit your brand!

The Perfect platform for sponsors to show their expertise in video content

  • Great PR
  • Vital data for product development
  • One on one dialogue marketing
  • A trusting loyal long term audience
  • Brand Positioning as expert

 High impact- Low Risk!

  • Product lease opportunities to spread costs
  • Revenue opportunities through YouTube
  • Low cost per contact per month
  • Transparent monthly/yearly sponsor fee

Huge Potential as a global YouTube channel.

  • Knowledge centre
  • Medical yellow pages
  • Kids social community

Be part of something larger than just a new project

  • Be part of a dream that creates progress, innovation and world improvement
  • Use the positive energy of children to really make a difference!
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